Xphyto Therapeutics Corp., Company Behind 25 Minute Covid-19 Test, Has Exclusive Agreement With Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation

Xphyto Therapeutics Corp., Company Behind 25 Minute Covid-19 Test, Has Exclusive Agreement With Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation For “industrial-scale production of standardized active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs)”

The approval of Xphyto Therapeutics’ 25 minute Covid-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test in Europe on March 18th, 2021 highlights the success of the company’s three-step approach: innovation, acceleration, and commercialization. The strategy has led Xphyto to develop relationships with companies involved in every step of the drug development process, from research to distribution. This latest triumph in the fight against Covid comes on the heels of other big news for the company.

On February 10th Xphyto announced it had added mescaline to its psychedelic medicine programs, intending to “develop industrial-scale production processes for the wholesale market and for incorporation into XPhyto’s thin-film drug delivery platforms”. This just days after, on February 3rd, Xphyto published a press release stating “XPhyto Laboratories Inc. (“XPhyto Labs”),[Xphyto Therapeutics’] wholly-owned Alberta subsidiary, has signed an agreement (the “Agreement”) with Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation (“Applied”) for the synthesis of pharmaceutical-grade psychedelic compounds and the parallel development of the standard operating procedures necessary to obtain regulatory approval for the respective commercial production process.” This exclusive agreement allows Xphyto to research and implements novel delivery methods for psychedelics.

Xphyto specializes in three distinct categories within the pharmaceutical industry. It develops drug delivery methods such as transdermal and sublingual drug formulations; it develops point-of-care diagnostics such as the Covid-19 PCR test; and it produces, formulates and validates new active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), according to its website. Applied Pharmaceutical Innovation is a non-profit comprised of multidisciplinary experts that help private companies to bring drugs to market. The collaboration between the two companies aims to give Canada its first large-scale psychedelics distribution center. And Xphyto’s other wholly-owned subsidiary Vektor Pharma will develop methods for precise microdoses.

In the past, Vektor has developed systems to administer drugs such as Fentanyl that have to be delivered at exact doses. The benefits of the transdermal and sublingual systems Vektor has in mind for psychedelics is two-fold. First, it allows for precise dosing. Second, it is a more direct entry method into the bloodstream, meaning the drug takes effect faster and is more potent.

Although Xphyto is making promising strides in diverse pharmaceutical fields, including creating powerful partnerships with companies critical to psychedelic research, only time will tell if its drug formulations and delivery system will become the standard for the future of mental health.


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