Ehave Inc. (EHVVF) offers Ketamine delivered to your home

Ketamine has earned an infamous reputation due to its ‘off-label’ use by drug enthusiasts. But the drug is a powerful alternative to other pain relief methods, particularly because it can assist sedatives to be effective at lower doses. This means that patients may be prescribed less addictive pain medication after specific medical procedures. The drug also shows promise treating mental conditions such as depression and ADHD, although the FDA has yet to approve Ketamine for that purpose.

Now that Ehave inc. has acquired the tangible and intangible assets of San Francisco based — a service that has until now delivered intravenous solutions for such maladies as hangovers and migraines – IV Ketamine will be available by home delivery if a doctor has prescribed you the medicine. does more than simply send you your medication. KetaDASH includes software, staff, a system of protocols, and all the necessary equipment. According to the website, the KetaDASH “smart and intuitive” dashboard connects clients and medical professionals, thereby ensuring the best possible recovery outcomes. Patients can create unique profiles from which they will “check availability of the nurses, and accordingly, schedule [their] appointment.” The service will deliver to the home, office, or hotel.  

Ketamine was created in the ’60s and subsequently employed as a short-acting surgical anesthetic. Since then, however, researchers have discovered many additional advantages to the drug. It’s no wonder that according to

“While there is a lot of fuss about a potential legal market for psilocybin, Ketamine is currently where the money is for alternative plant medicine companies. Ketamine clinics are springing up across the country as the total addressable market is estimated to be roughly $16.2 billion.”

Dr. Victor S. Dorodny is the founder and Chief Scientist of the Naturopathic Evidence-based Wellness Institute in Malibu, California, otherwise knows and the NEW institute. He is also Medical Advisor to Ehave. In a blogpost available at, he states: 

“Ketamine, a widely used anesthetic medication, is now being used to treat depression, suicidality, chronic pain, migraines, OCD, and even some PTSD symptoms. For many, this breakthrough treatment represents a powerful opportunity to manage their mental health challenges. KetaDASH will allow the patients who are prescribed Ketamine to receive required treatments in the safety and comfort of their homes.”

What role will telehealth play in our future? Ben Kaplan, CEO of Ehave, Inc., shares his vision: 

“Our continued dedication and commitment to mental health have expanded into both telehealth and psychedelics over the past year. As 2020 draws to a close, healthcare providers will need to retool their telehealth efforts to prepare for the growing mental health crisis. KetaDASH will not only provide potentially lifesaving Ketamine infusion therapy for the treatment of psychiatric disorders… it also provides Ehave the opportunity to build a revenue-producing platform.”    


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