Psychedelic Assisted Therapy

You are reading this piece; chances are that you are either a first-timer or an experienced psychedelics enthusiast who is very much interested in finding the perfect set and setting for their next psychedelic trip. 

The set and setting refer to the mental, physical, and external conditions that influence the kind of psychedelic experience one will have. This does not mean that everything has to be perfectly organized. However, it is always a great idea to have certain factors taken care of to guarantee no surprises along the way. 

With psychedelics, it is hard to predict the type of experience, thus the need for proper preparation. On one hand, they could offer powerful therapeutic benefits to the user, while on the other, they do pose a great probability of causing mild to fatal harm. 

This is why there is a growing need for psychedelic consumers to ensure they are in capable hands like those of a trained medical specialist who can offer psychedelic-assisted therapy. The therapist will offer a controlled environment that is ambient, relaxing, and peaceful. They will also ensure that you are consuming exactly what you ought to consume, not a degraded or impure form of it. 

Your psychedelic trip is planned to a tee. You will be medically screened and subjected to an application process to rule out any physical, mental, or emotional condition that contradicts psychedelic use. Below is a list of reputable centers that come highly recommended by doctors, thinkers, and researchers alike. 

Cautionary advice: alternative medicine is often illegal and unregulated in most countries; thus, it is always prudent to seek the professional opinion of your medical practitioner. They are best placed to offer the best advice and guidance on how to proceed. This piece contains ten centers that offer legal psychedelic-assisted therapy. Always conduct your research before engaging any center to ensure you are on the right side of the law.

Soltara Healing Center Located at The Gulf of Nicoya In Costa Rica – Ayahuasca 

This healing center focuses on emotional, spiritual, and energetic healing using ayahuasca, a sacred plant used since ancient times for physical and spiritual healing. A session can last between five days to over twenty days (three weeks). 

During the retreat duration, guests are offered translated consultations with Shipibo master healers and one-on-one support from facilitators and healers. The sessions include yoga, journaling, floral baths, community events, creative expression, and breathing exercises. 

The maximum number of guests allowed at a time is 20. The center is located in a very serene environment and covers over twenty acres of rainforest land. Guests will enjoy the ocean waves that are visible from the center. 

The center’s board consists of the pioneer of psychedelic research, Dennis McKenna, and Gabor Mate, a trauma expert. 

Niwe Roa Xobo Located at Pucallpa In Peru – Ayahuasca 

From the city of Pucallpa, it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach the Niwe Rao Xobo retreat center. Here, you will be treated to some of the best ayahuasca ceremonies coupled with a variety of traditional plant dietas by the Shipibo master himself, Maestra Ynes. 

If you enjoy small, individualized, and traditional establishments, then you will love this center. It is family-run; thus, they are fairly priced, and the luxurious strokes are kept at a minimum. However, the service and experiences you get from the center are hard to find anywhere else. 

Master Ynes gives personalized healing and therapy. As a guest, you get to choose which master plant you want to work with. Each of the seven plants bears varying wisdom and spirit that will add to your healing during your ayahuasca experience at the center. 

Pangea Biomedic Located at the North of Puerto Vallarta In Mexico – ibogaine 

This center offers a unique and technical option of performing drug detoxification by using ibogaine. It also thrives in offering its guests top-notch mental health care. It is located 45 minutes from north of Puerto Vallarta. 

What sets this center apart from others that offer ibogaine-assisted detoxification is that it does not offer the drug in one form only. Instead, their guests are treated using three levels of different ibogaine concentrations. 

Initially, the guest is given low doses in the form of ibogaine root bark powder for a long time to allow the patient to adjust to the drug’s use. After they have acclimated seamlessly, they are introduced to a total-spectrum alkaloid ibogaine extract. The third and final step involves dosing the patient with a purified form of ibogaine, purified ibogaine hydrochloride. 

The purified form has very powerful anti-addiction properties that help patients recover from opioids and other types of addictions. It also helps to manage drug withdrawal symptoms. Patients can supplement their treatment with other types of programs offered at the center, like meditation, self-inquiry programming, and somatic therapy. 

Clear sky recovery center located at Cancun in Mexico – ibogaine 

The founder of clear sky, Dr. Alberto Sola, is one of the few trainees of the renowned Deborah Mash, a pioneer in the ibogaine research world. The center is a luxurious, residential center that is located in Cancún, Mexico. It mainly focuses on drug detoxification using ibogaine. 

During a guest’s typical seven days stay, they are subjected to at least three out of the numerous ibogaine experiences offered. The type of treatment depends on the patient’s needs and wants in relation to the condition being treated. 

A team of medical practitioners, including doctors, psychologists, and certified nurses, monitor each patient to ensure the treatment is suitable, viable, and compliant with the patient. 

How does it work? The patient is subjected to a pre-treatment routine involving various activities like psychotherapy, yoga, bloodwork, etc. Afterward, they are given an ingestible flood dose of ibogaine that inhibits the symptoms associated with withdrawal. The flood dose triggers dreamlike visions in the patient. 

Afterward, they are given ibogaine boosters, which are essential in solidifying the whole experience’s effects. Finally, the patient can engage in post-treatment programs like yoga, psychotherapy, and massage. 

Synthesis Center Located at Amsterdam in Netherlands – Psilocybin 

If you are looking for a center that offers psilocybin-assisted therapy, Synthesis is one of the best. It is located in Zandvoort, a small coastal community located thirty minutes outside of Amsterdam.

The lighthouse is where all the magic happens. Guests are treated to a private magic mushroom ceremony under this hundred-year-old building. 

With the guidance of trained and certified facilitators and therapists, guests are given the psilocybin and allowed to lie down on luxurious seats as they let the psychedelic experience take over. The stay at the lighthouse may last for three to five days, and when the guests leave, they go with a clear mind and a deeper understanding of how to integrate into their daily lives. 

Accommodation can be shared or private, according to one’s preference. There are saunas, yoga spaces, in-house made food from in-house chefs, and spacious living spaces. Supplementary programs include breathing exercises, integration classes, and private coaching. 

Will Siu Located at Los Angeles In California – Ketamine 

Dr. Will Siu, MD, is a certified and very accomplished psychiatrist dedicated to using his skills, knowledge, and experience to impact people’s lives. He aims to assist individuals in finding healing within themselves.

His healing is centered on psychiatric medication and integrative psychotherapy. He also offers programs that help in medication discontinuation; however, he considers this a personal choice and only offers the services to mentally and physically-ready individuals.

His work involves spiritualization and meditation that sometimes incorporate ketamine-assisted psychotherapy administered in the form of injections (intramuscular) or oral lozenges. He also offers his guests ayahuasca, LSD, and psilocybin integration. 

Ember Health Center Located in New York – Ketamine 

Ember health center is solely focused on providing depression treatment through ketamine-assisted therapy. A patient receives referrals to the center from their medical care-giver for advanced depression treatment. 

Ember Health’s program consists of ketamine infusion sessions that last for four hours daily for a period of two weeks. The patient is also given booster infusions biweekly or every six weeks if the depression symptoms persist. This procedure is per the American Psychiatric Association’s guidelines on the recommended duration for ketamine dosage and treatment. 

Throughout the course of the treatment, the patient and treatment procedure is closely monitored by an emergency medicine physician. There is also constant communication involving the center’s professionals and the patient to ensure that the patient receives comprehensive treatment that incorporates ketamine and other treatment aspects.

Wholeness Center Located in Fort Collins in Colorado – Ketamine 

Even though the center is more geared towards integrative psychiatry and functional medicine practice, it still offers ketamine-integrated psychotherapy to a selected number of patients.

The center offers personalized services to its patients since everyone has their unique medical needs and wants. After the initial tests (psychiatric and naturopathic), the care team at Wholeness Centre meet to come up with the best course of treatment for the patient. 

If ketamine therapy is among the treatment plans, it could be administered orally using lozenges, IV, or intramuscular injections. Depending on the method of ketamine administration, the patient will either be assisted by a psychiatrist, nurse, or therapist. 

Craig Salerno Counseling Center in Boulder, Colorado – Ketamine

Craig Salerno’s main focus when it comes to patient treatment is transformation. He is specialized in spiritual issues, anxiety, depression, addiction, and trauma. He aims to remove his clients from the suffering they face from being stuck in mental problems. He practices

  1. Ketamine-assisted therapy
  2. Dialectical and cognitive behavioral therapy
  3. Mindfulness and meditation

Before embarking on a ketamine-assisted therapy session with Craig Salerno, he requires that the patient undergoes several preparatory psychotherapy sessions and medical screening.

His therapy involves a 2–3-hour session with the use of ketamine oral lozenges. He offers support and advice throughout the experience. Anyone who has tried other psychedelics can benefit from his integration services.

Marcela Ot’alora G. Center Located in Boulder, Colorado – Ketamine

Marcela’s practice involves the use of ketamine-assisted therapy to help patients overcome depression and process trauma. Her sessions are conducted monthly for six months. In between, patients are also treated with some integration sessions.

An accomplished psychedelic expert, Marcela shares her knowledge, skills, and experience through training therapists. She teaches them how to incorporate the best practices during a psychedelic-assisted session.


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