XPhyto Therapeutics Corp (XPHY)

XPhyto Therapeutics Company Information

NameXPhyto Therapeutics Corporation
IndustryDrug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
Suite 1500 – 1055 W Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 4N7 Canada
Corporate Office
Suite 270 – 1820 Fir Street
Vancouver, BC V6J 3B1 Canada

XPhyto Therapeutics Corporation is an innovative and reputable bioscience company focused on creating novel drug delivery systems, new drug formulations, rapid diagnostics, and conducting research and development of neurological drugs. 

The brand seeks to positively impact the medical field by offering quick, innovative, unique, and technologically-advanced medical solutions.  

Through research, development, and the creation of strategic partnerships, XPhyto is making a radical change in global health.  

The company is committed to effectiveness, efficiency, and accessibility in its journey to becoming recognized industry leaders. XPhyto only collaborates with individuals and companies that show the most promise in the pharmaceutical industry.

 Its network of partners and subsidiaries span from North America to Europe, and their primary focus is on the utilization of psychedelics and cannabinoids in drug formulation and diagnostics.  


XPhyto aims to research and develop new innovative next-generation diagnostic and pharmaceutical solutions, which it ultimately plans to commercialize.

The brand focuses on three main things;

Innovation: utilizing industry leaders and the latest technological advancements in an effort to disrupt the industry gradually but progressively. 

Acceleration: improving and advancing technological innovations to have more impact on the health sector.

Commercialization: increasing production to create a wide range of products to help those that need them the most. 

XPhyto’s subsidiaries and partners         

The brand strongly believes in the power of collaboration, and that’s why it forms partnerships with firms across the globe to attain its objective of changing the health sector. 

All its partners utilize the latest technological advancements to drive a change in the health sector.         

XPhyto Laboratories

Based in Alberta, this subsidiary focuses on utilizing psychedelic compounds in the creation of mental health solutions. 

The company believes that the global mental health crisis needs to be dealt with and provide them with solutions that improve their quality of life. 

This why XPhyto laboratories are constantly trying to transform ideas into concrete solutions that could be instrumental in changing the mental health narrative            

Vektor Pharma

Based in Germany, this XPhyto Therapeutics’ subsidiary specializes in creating drug formulation and novel drug delivery systems. 

Their primary focus is on sublingual and transdermal administration methods, which offer patients a non-invasive and effective way to manage and treat neurological conditions. 

The company is creating oral strips and transdermal patches, which it plans to commercialize on a large-scale to reach millions of people suffering from various conditions. 

Some of the clinical trials planned for 2021 are set to investigate the effectiveness of various sublingual and transdermal products in treating  conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, intractable epilepsy, eating disorders like anorexia, and nausea. 

3a Diagnostics and XP Diagnostics    

The company is based in Germany, and its specialization is on point-of-care test solutions. They believe that solutions are meant for anyone, anywhere, anytime; hence the ‘3a’ in their name.

XP Diagnostics primarily couples the novel drug delivery methods from Vektor Pharma with the innovative 3a model to provide their clients with high-impact cost-friendly options.