Revive Therapeutics (RVV)

Revive Therapeutics Company Information

NameRevive Therapeutics
IndustryDrug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
Headquarters82 Richmond Street East
Toronto, Ontario M5C 1P1. Canada
Phone+1 888 901-0036

Revive Therapeutics is an outstanding life science company taking modern science to greater heights in the research and development of psychedelic-based therapeutic medicine for rare conditions and infectious diseases, including COVID-19. 

The brand aims to advance psilocybin-based medicine by taking advantage of some of the FDA incentives such as breakthrough therapy, fast track, orphan disease, orphan drugs, and rare pediatric disease. 

To date, the company has been granted two orphan drug designations: one for the utilization of CBD to treat liver disease (auto-immune hepatitis) and the second for the utilization of CBD to manage and treat ischemia and complications resulting from organ transplant(reperfusion injury).

Patents/intellectual property

To date, the company has filed 12 patents, five of which have been granted.

  1. Bucillamine application in the treatment of infectious disease, including coronavirus (COVID-19)
  2. Bucillamine in gout treatment                         
  3. Three patents on Drug Delivery System                     
  4. Psilocybin effervescent and psilocybin tablet – Solid Oral Pharmaceutical Compositions        
  5. Psilocybin hard-shell capsules – Pharmaceutical Capsule Compositions                 
  6. Psilocybin gum drops – Pharmaceutical Gumdrop Compositions                     
  7. Psilocybin oral strips and transmucosal – Thin-Film Pharmaceutical Delivery System and Formulations                                              
  8. Psilocybin – Pharmaceutical Formulations and Methods for Sublingual and Buccal Administration                                  
  9. Methods for the Extraction and Crystallization of Psilocybin                     
  10. Use of Cannabidiol in the Treatment of Autoimmune Hepatitis

Revive Therapeutics’ pharmaceutical strategy

The company takes on a four-step strategy in their effort to ensure they build an impressive product portfolio of rare conditions and infectious diseases:

Step one: the brand clinically develops high-quality cannabidiol, psilocybin, and Bucillamine.

Step two:  it looks into rare/orphan diseases and infectious diseases like COVID-19.

Step three: conducts research and development of novel uses of the drugs, formulations, and delivery system.

Step four: targets and applies for FDA designations like orphan drugs, orphan condition, fast track, rare pediatric therapy, and breakthrough therapy

Revive Therapeutics subsidiaries 

Psilocin Pharma Corp.

Psilocin Pharma is a Canadian-based company that centers its operations on the development and research of psilocybin-based formulations.

It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Revive Therapeutics, and to date, it has developed six formulations covering capsules, sublingual spray, effervesces tablets, gel caps, and breath strips. 

These formulations work with synthetic and natural psilocybin and help treat anxiety, depression, bulimia, bipolar disease, and anorexia. 

Psilocin pharma’s therapeutic products have been modified to blend and work synergistically with an individual’s natural pathways. 

This company offers a unique and contemporary approach to consumption methods. 

Psilocin Pharma plans on utilizing its strong partnership with renowned lab partners in certain legal jurisdictions like Brazil to retail its products.