Red Light Holland (TRIP)

Red Light Holland Company Information

NameRed Light Holland
IndustryDrug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
Headquarters1 Adelaide St. E., Suite 801
Toronto, Ontario, M5C 2V9. Canada
Phone(647) 204-7129

Red Light Holland is a Canadian company that has established its business roots in the Netherlands. Its business involves the growth, production, marketing, and distribution of a superior brand of recreational magic truffles.

The company is strategically based in a dutch country (Netherlands), where magic truffles enjoy legal status. 

Red Light is very particular about adhering to the set laws and complying with the EU-good manufacturing practices.  

The brand’s top management and advisory members are made up of reputable and accomplished individuals with high-level skills in their respective fields.

Together, they have an immense wealth of combined skillset, knowledge, and experience in the growing, production, managing, and distribution sector. 

Red Light Holland’s goal

The brand’s goal is to make the not-so-popular ‘magic truffle’ name internationally known. Currently, Red Light is focusing on the Netherland market. Still, in the future, it aims to diversify and branch out to other states and countries that have clear legal guidelines relating to magic truffles. 

The country aims to help in promoting the legal and responsible use of magic truffles.

What does Red Light Holland Offer?

EU-GMP Facility

The brand is in its initial stages of building a potential EU-good manufacturing practice compliant facility. 

In compliance with the rules and guidelines on psychedelics, the company seeks to lead in the psilocybin category. 

The state-of-the-art facility will advance the brand’s ability to offer quality products and enable more diversity. 

Netherland’s Based

The company is strategically based in a dutch country where magic truffles enjoy legal status. 

Premium Brand

Red Light Holland has for years offered its clients a premium truffle brand that is consistent and uncompromised. The production, distribution, and marketing chain is flawless. Its health and wellness brand is of the highest standard. 

Whole Fungi Medicine

Scarlet Lillie Science and Innovation, one of Red Light’s divisions, is in the process of forming partnerships with top medical and scientific professionals to conduct comprehensive studies on the benefits of ‘whole fungi’ medicine. 

Red Light’s products 


iMicrodose is an invention from Red Light Holland that is designed to promote responsible use through microdosing. 

The microdosing kit consists of non-synthetic high-quality truffles. The art of microdosing involves taking low doses of the truffle on an easy scheduled routine. 

The company sells the truffles in their unprocessed form. 


The store has a line of branded cloth items on sale, including hoodies, toques, fitted hats, baseball jerseys, and trucker hats.