Pharmather Inc. (PHRM)

Pharmather Company Information

NamePharmather Inc.
Headquarters82 Richmond Street East
Toronto, Ontario, Canada. M5C 1P1

Pharmather Inc is a biotechnology company with immense knowledge and skills in researching and developing psychedelic pharmaceuticals. It focuses on repurposing drugs like psilocybin and Ketamine for FDA approval to manage and treat brain and nervous system disorders. 

Newscope Capital Corporation wholly owns this life science company. Its primary goal is to upgrade its drug repurposing AI platform (panaceAI™) and diversify its product pipeline with psychedelics like psilocybin and Ketamine in depression, stroke, traumatic brain injury, and Parkinson’s disease. 

Currently, the company has 17 granted patents and provisional patents that cover its novel delivery system (microneedle patch), proprietary repurposing platform (PanaceAI™), repurposed drugs for Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease, and medicine formula involving ketamine combination for few and less adverse side effects. 


This is a drug repurposing AI platform that combines numerous layers of systems and processes to integrate millions of data points and perform machine learning to discover and unleash varying uses and applications of existing, FDA, EMA, and PMDA-approved drugs. 

This platform is set to broker partnership opportunities for the company with companies that intend to expand their product pipeline. 


The ketabet patch allows patients to receive their daily dose of medication remotely without visiting the clinic or meeting with a medical practitioner. 

The technology delivers continuous doses of medicine and maintains the same plasma levels in the body for more than 24 hours. This contributes to the compliance and efficiency of the drug on the patient. 

The patch comes with an anti-abuse and anti-tampering feature that ensures the patient receives the recommended dose at all times. With this patch, there are no cases of overdose, substance dependence, or addiction. It is safe and regulated.

Microneedle delivery

Applicable to a wide array of insoluble and water-soluble types of drugs. The device easily penetrates the outer layer of the skin for easy administration. The microneedle patch can be applied to other parts of the body, including the eyes.

  1. Flexible as it allows home use and promotes compliance. The patient doesn’t have to go to a clinic to get their dose of medication.
  2. Facilitates flexible dosing, a combination of drugs, and allows continuous release with individualized release rates. 
  3. Maintains constant levels of plasma over 24 hours
  4. Better drug administration compared to orals, injectables, topicals, nasal, and intravenous. 

PharmaTher and Ketamine as potential ALS treatment 

Pharmather has included ALS in its impressive development pipeline that centers on the application of Ketamine in the treatment of neurological, neuropsychiatric, and neuromuscular conditions. 

The brand announced that it plans to seek approval from the FDA to commence phase 2 of the clinical trial of Ketamine this year, 2021. 

Additionally, it aims to request orphan drug status to help speed up the development and testing phases.