Pharmadrug (BUZZ)

Pharmadrug Company Information

IndustryDrug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
Headquarters77 King Street West, Suite 2905, 
Toronto, ON, M5K 1H1. Canada

Pharmadrug is a life science company focused on developing natural-based medicine, including psilocybin, THC, DMT, CBD, and Cepharanthine. 

The biotech company intends to take a leadership position in the controlled substance industry, primarily dealing with medical cannabis and psychedelic, when it is fully established. 

Medical cannabis 

Soon, the company plans to produce its own line of cannabis products and create distribution links in European Union countries. In the meantime, it sources and distributes cannabis products in wholesale to retail pharmacies across Germany.  


The company intends to approach psychedelics using two methods:

Smart shops:  Pharmadrug intends to capitalize on the Netherlands psychedelic market by consolidating smart shops, which are legal dispensaries that sell psychedelics legally to adults. 

Pharmadrug GmbH: Pharmadrug owns 80% of this brand. Pharmadrug GmbH has a Schedule I E.U narcotics license, which Pharmadrug intends to utilize when the psychedelics obtain regulatory approval or become legal in Europe. The license permits the importation of controlled substances to pharmacies across the European Union. 

What is Super Smart?

Pharmadrug wholly owns Super Smart, a retail company in its initial stages of development. It aims to consolidate the numerous smart shops in the dutch market. The smart shops sell psychoactive products and magic truffles in retail. 

Currently, the smart shops do not have a sophisticated and unified system of conducting their operations: they remain fragmented and local, with no national or international reach. 

Pharmadrug plans to introduce Slim Winkle, an umbrella retail brand that covers numerous shopping locations across the Netherlands. The company aims to make the brand a trusted and reliable source of psychoactive and psychedelic compounds. 

The mission is to eradicate the stigma associated with psychedelics and educate the masses to impart knowledge and alter their perception.

The super-smart approach

Retail experience – the company aims to revolutionize people’s shopping experiences by changing how magic mushrooms are bought and sold.

E-commerce: the products will be available for clients who don’t live in the Netherlands via their online platform. This will be done per the local laws and regulations.

Education: to end the stigma surrounding psychedelics, the company aims to provide detailed, clear, and concise educational information. 

Advocacy: Pharmadrug actively supports groups that push for the legalization of psychoactive and psychedelic compounds. 

Wellness: the brand seeks to make your experience better to support health and wellness. 

Innovation: through Sairiyo therapeutics Inc, the brand intends to conduct extensive research and development to explore the many unexplored properties of mushrooms. 

Sairiyo therapeutics Inc

Pharmadrug wholly owns Sairiyo Therapeutics Inc. Its primary focus is on repurposing and developing upgraded formulations of naturally-derived compounds to treat and manage serious, life-threatening orphan conditions. The brand seeks to obtain FDA and EMEA approval.  

Currently, the brand is focusing on repurposing Cepharanthine as a potential treatment for cancer, infectious, neurological, and inflammatory diseases.