New Wave Holdings (TRMN)

New Wave Holdings Company Information

NameNew Wave Holdings
SectorHealthcare & Communication
IndustryHealth & Wellness, Entertainment
HeadquartersRoyal Centre
Suite 1500, 1055 W Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC, V6E 4N7
Phone416 917-5847

New Wave Holdings is a diverse company with investments across various industries. Recently, it joined the psychedelics space intending to support and facilitate research on psychedelic compounds, creating mushroom-based functional products, and establishing psilocybin, ketamine, LSD, and MDMA Intellectual Property portfolio for the treatment of neuropsychiatric conditions. 

The brand was formerly known as New Wave Esports Corp, and its operations centered on providing financial help and support services to esports leagues, tools, and organizations. It still does this through its subsidiary, Even Matchup Gaming Inc. 

New Wave also commercializes and distributes health and beauty products through Altilis Beauty and Anahit Health brands. The company aims to expand its distribution network by utilizing vertical integration to produce end-to-end solutions. 


The company’s vision is to be an industry leader in producing and distributing high-quality and novel medicinal mushrooms worldwide. 

New Wave Holdings’ subsidiaries 

Way of Will Inc

The company manufactures and distributes wellness formulas made of natural plant-based ingredients. It recently joined the ‘shroom boom’ with its production of top-of-the-line mushroom wellness products. 

Since New Wave acquired the brand, its top goals included becoming more diverse by becoming well-rounded and progressive. The brand has achieved this by integrating mushrooms into its line of health and wellness products. 

The functional mushroom line of products come in five different categories:

  1. The energy blend 
  2. The immunity blend
  3. The antioxidant blend
  4. The adaptogen blend
  5. The brain function blend

The company uses Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Chaga mushroom varieties. The blends consist of different ingredients that provide specific therapeutic benefits.

New Wave Holdings and Way of WIll’s eCommerce expertise and long-lasting business relationship with wholesale and manufacturing partners will boost the mushroom collection’s sales. 

Anahit Therapeutics Ltd

The brand centers its operations on cannabis and psilocybin. It aims to fill the gap between demand and supply while incorporating a seed to retail sale and retreat model.

The brand produces low-cost and high-quality products by cultivating in areas where the law is soft on cannabis and psychedelics, and the weather is naturally favorable. Using top-of-the-line technology in the processing and extraction processes, the company guarantees quality and reliability for their local and international markets. 

N2 Logics Inc.

N2 Logics Inc is a leading online E-commerce and digital marketing company. In December 2020, the company acquired Bloom Botanics, a renowned European brand specializing in CBD and mushroom blends.

Trueclaim Resources Inc

The company acquires and explores precious and base metals. It is also involved in their development and production. 

Trueclaim Resources operates within North America, and it consists of a team of highly dedicated and qualified individuals who use the latest technologies in drilling and exploration.

Even Matchup Gaming Inc.

Even Matchup Gaming is an esports events production and broadcast company.