NeonMind Biosciences (NEON)

NeonMind Biosciences Company Information

NameNeonMind Biosciences
Headquarters1238 Homer Street, 200
Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 2Y5. Canada

NeonMind Biosciences is a psychedelic-based life science company focusing on the utilization of psilocybin in the treatment of Obesity and appetite-related issues. The brand’s mantra is ‘mind over body.’

The company changes an individual’s life through the use of psychedelics, which alters their minds. 

NeonMind’s two divisions 

The company has two divisions: a consumer products division and the pharmaceutical division. 

The consumer products division deals with the production, processing, commercialization, and distribution of medicinal mushroom-infused products. The products are sold directly to consumers around Canada via their e-commerce platform.

They currently sell mushroom-infused coffees to provide users with optimum health. The division uses Reishi, Turkey Tail, lion’s Mane, and Cordyceps to make the infusions. 

The pharmaceutical division deals with the development of psychedelic compounds to offer a myriad of therapeutic benefits. 

NeonMind’s research team conducts a preclinical trial that focuses on Obesity, which accounts for approximately 37% of the global burden of disease. It also looks into weight loss and how to treat compulsive eating disorders.

The study is solely based on psilocybin, a compound derived from magic mushrooms. 

Their research is based on the knowledge that serotonin is activated by psilocybin. The neurotransmitter is responsible for numerous activities in the body, including appetite suppression and curbing cravings. This can greatly help in weight reduction.

Patent filings on psilocybin-based preclinical data 

On 2nd March 2021, NeonMind Biosciences filed four additional patent applications with USPTOP. The move was made to protect the brand’s data during their preclinical study that started in November 2020. 

The study looks into the potential application of psilocybin in the treatment of weight-related issues like Obesity and weight loss. 

The study results indicate that varying doses of psilocybin can reduce weight gain over a short period of time.  

Currently, NeonMind has ten provisional patent applications, all of which have potential flights in 152 countries, even the US. Two of these patents have been converted to become PCT applications. The brand predicts that its near future activities will lead to different applications by the end of 2021. The expiration for the applied patents is anticipated to be in 2041.

Compounds protected under the patent applicationsTreatments covered by the patent applications
1Psilocybin, psilocinObesity
21-methylpsilocinDiet Alteration
3O-acetylpsilocinAiding Weight Loss
44-fluoro-N,N-dimethyltryptamineComplications Associated with Obesity
5LSD, LSA, DMTDecreasing Food Intake
64-hydroxy-N-methyl-N-isopropyltryptamineReduction of Food Cravings
74-SH-dimethyltryptamineCompulsive Eating Disorder

NeonMind has 100% ownership of all the intellectual properties listed above except for the 8o% ownership on DMT, LSD, and LSA. The brand’s research collaborator, Translational Life Sciences Inc, owns the remaining 20%.