Mindset Pharma (MSET)

Mindset Pharma Company Information

NameMindset Pharma
Headquarters217 Queen Street West, Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario,M5V 0R2. Canada
Phone647 938-5266

Mindset Pharma inc is a life science company that focuses on the drug discovery and development sector. The company’s objective centers on creating patentable and novel psychedelic compounds that can be used to treat mental and neurological disorders.  

The company’s top management team comprises expert entrepreneurs and gurus in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery and development. Their combined knowledge, skills, and experience puts them a step ahead of their competitors. 

Since its inception, the brand’s goal was to create an extensive proprietary library of progressive psychedelic compounds that effectively and safely helps patients with chronic mental and neurological issues. 


From the statistics on the global mental health crisis, it is clear that the existing treatments are not working optimally, hence the need for new, effective alternatives. 

Psychedelics have become a popular choice for the treatment of these conditions. However, there is a growing need to optimize psychedelics to become like pharmaceuticals.

As a result, Mindset Pharma continually comes up with innovative ideas and applies medicinal chemistry to create a library of optimized medications based on psychedelics. 

These drugs are biologically and chemically altered to offer improved effectiveness with negligible toxicity levels. 

The urgent need to have pharmaceutical-grade, scalable and inexpensive psilocybin has pushed Mindset Pharma to dive into research and develop a chemical synthesis process that addressed the issue. A patent for the chemical synthesis process has been filled and is currently awaiting approval. 

Recent company developments

Mindset Pharma added to the Solactive Index

The company was added to the North American Psychedelics Index. The index measures the performance of publicly listed psychedelic companies according to their market cap. 

It covers companies based in North America. The index acts as a benchmark to index funds such as Horizons Psychedelic Stock Index ETF.

This inclusion establishes Mindset’s position in the psychedelic industry as an innovative and progressive company. It magnifies the brand’s exposure to shareholders and investors. 

Mindset to manufacture pharmaceutical-grade psilocybin in bulk using patent-pending synthesis process

The company has engaged a top CDMO in the manufacture of psilocybin using their patent-pending chemical synthesis process. The two parties agreed on the manufacture of 1kg of pharmaceutical-grade psilocybin. The batch is to be released in the fall of 2021. 

Mindset files final three patent applications

On the 4th of January 2021, Mindset Pharma filed three patent applications with USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). 

The patent covers compounds that offer patients therapeutics benefits similar to psilocybin but with lower side effects which last for a predictable amount of time. 

The applications for the psilocybin derivatives were also filed under PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty).