MindMed (MMED)

MindMed Company Information

Headquarters1325 Airmotive Way, Ste 175A, 
Reno, Nevada, 89502, United States.
Phone+1 (650) 208-2454

MindMed’s approach to achieving positive mental health is through the power of the mind. Through psychedelic medicine and experimental therapies, the company believes that patients can unlock the full potential of their minds’ healing power. 

Instead of managing mental conditions for years, MindMed seeks to overcome the issues altogether. Their mental health care techniques help patients escape the cycle of symptom management of conditions like opioid addiction, anxiety, and ADHD. 

MindMed’s approach in providing mental healthcare services

Experimental therapies 

This involves giving patients high but safe doses of psychedelics under the supervision of a trained medical professional.

Psychedelic-inspired medicines

These drugs have a minimum to zero hallucinogenic effect on the user. They can be purchased in pharmacies to be used at home. They include:

  1. LSD experimental therapy (project Lucy) is utilized in the treatment of anxiety. 
  2. 18-MC for opioid withdrawal – The medicine is a non-psychedelic version of ibogaine created to treat addiction without having any hallucinogenic impact on the user. It does this by setting into default the brain’s reward pleasure center and eliminating the dysregulation caused by addiction. 
  3. LSD micro-dosing for adult ADHD– This treatment option may lead to decreased anxiety levels, improved focus and concentration, improved mood, and elevated creativity levels.

Next-generation research and development 

Through collaborations with University Hospital Basel, MindMed has conducted extensive research on LSD-assisted therapy and cluster headaches. They also have completed and ongoing research on LSD, MDMA, DMT, and psilocybin. 

MindMed’s mission 

MindMed believes that mental conditions cannot be healed by taking one pill a day. It’s much more than that. It requires multi-dimensional approaches and solutions. 

Their mission is to conduct extensive research that enables them to develop a myriad of compounds that can help mental health patients unlock new pathways. Through this, patients can experience prolonged mental healing. 

What other activities is MindMed engaged in?

Currently, MindMed is funding a training program that primarily focuses on psychedelic medicine research at NYU Langone Health. 

The company has its main branch in New York and several other branches in Reno, Vancouver, Collingwood, and Cham, Switzerland. 

Financial news 

MindMed recently (February 2021) acquired Healthmode, an AI Digital medicine company. Healthmode is a digital medicine and therapeutic startup using AI technology to optimize and accelerate clinical trials.