Mind Cure Health Inc. (MCUR)

Mind Cure Health Company Information

NameMind Cure Health Inc.
Headquarters422 Richards St, 170, Vancouver, 
British Columbia, V6B 2Z4, CA
Phone1 (888) 593-8995

Mind Cure Inc is a firm in the mental health and wellness industry that identifies, develops, and markets many products that reduce mental health suffering and enhance productivity.

Millions of individuals worldwide suffer from mental conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and others. The cases have become very rampant in recent years, especially since the onset of the COVID pandemic. Mind Cure was specifically created to provide relief from suffering by offering effective treatments. 

The company utilizes the therapeutic power of psychedelics, nootropics, and psychoactive compounds to create solutions to the mental health crisis. Initially, the brand was focused on producing mushroom-based nootropics, but it now incorporated psychedelics and psychoactive substances. 

Mind Cure Inc Mission 

The company’s mission is to identify, develop, and market many products that reduce mental health suffering and enhance productivity.

The brand aims to find and deliver multipliers of value to shareholders that diversify their commercial output.

Mind Cure Inc Vision 

The brand’s unique approach to product research and development through its five spheres will guide it in adopting neuroscience, regenerative medicine, and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. 

Mind Cure Inc plans to create tomorrow’s products using today’s ideas to end the global suffering caused by the mental health crisis. 

Mind cure health’s five spheres

Clinical Research Technology

The brand is determined to look for and work with technology that complements its mission. The research team is looking to develop technology that will collect treatment session data to enhance patient diagnosis and treatment.

The current treatments do not incorporate meaningful data at the start and end of therapy sessions. Hence the need to create technologies that collate data to give therapists insights into the efficacy of sessions. 

Nootropic Formulations

Adaptogens like nootropics, psychedelics, and psychoactive compounds have great therapeutic value, which the brand seeks to commercialize. They are effective in treating mental conditions and boosting productivity. 

Some of the brand’s products include:

  • Mind Cure Lion’s Mane Focus
  • Mind Cure Reishi Energy
  • Mind Cure Turkey Tail Immunity

The products are the first line of nootropics the brand has produced. They are available in capsule and powdered form.

Clinical Research

The brand is constantly seeking and evaluating research programs and protocols that could lead to clinical research. The research may incorporate psychedelic and psychoactive compounds. 

Product Discovery

The company investigates new psychedelics and improved ones to discover their therapeutic potential. It also looks into their commercial viability and legal status before commencing any research. 

Currently, the brand is looking into psilocybin and considers incorporating it into its future research projects.

Formulations & Supply

The brand is determined to comply with Health Canada and FDA regulations in conducting clinical trials’ protocols. The clinical trials may include psychedelic and psychoactive compounds. 

Investments and ibogaine 

On March 2nd, 2021, Mind Cure Inc announced that it had completed the equity investment that allows it to own about 13% of ATMA Journey Centers Inc. The new partnership is intended to promote better diagnosis and treatment of patients using the iSTRYM platform.

On March 3rd, 2021, Mind Cure Inc announced that it had commenced with the manufacturing of ibogaine that will be used in preclinical and clinical research by the fourth financial quarter. This move ensures that the brand has a surplus amount of standardized and synthetic pharmaceutical-grade ibogaine.