Lobe Sciences (LOBE)

Lobe Sciences Company Information

NameLobe Sciences
IndustryDrug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
Headquarters1915 – 1030 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, British Columbia. V6E 2Y3, CA
Phone(949) 505 2653

The company is a growth-centered R&D service company that focuses on the acquisition of transformational medicine and gadgets. This helps build on its outstanding intellectual property portfolio to support mental health and wellness to millions of people worldwide.

The brand offers IP, management, branding, and financial support to various businesses. Its portfolio consists of firms whose main focus is to create and develop progressive medicine. 

It aims to give companies an extra push to reach their full potential through strong capital market keen insight, brand expertise, scientific knowledge, and operation prowess.  

The company makes acquisitions and promotes brand awareness and development of technology, assets, and products. 

Their operations center on psychedelics’ utilization as therapeutic compounds that help treat and manage mental conditions like brain trauma and PTSD. 

Lobe Sciences’ Vision 

The company’s vision is to conduct research and development to deliver solutions that transform an individual’s condition.

Lobe Sciences’ mission 

The brand aims to spot, acquire, and transform devices and compounds and use them to change people’s health status while providing novel pathways to medicine. 

Current operations

The Lobe Sciences’ team comprises pioneering engineers, operators, and highly-qualified scientists who utilize alternative and nonconventional pathways to facilitate better and improved health.  

The brand has five provisional patents and is currently conducting a preclinical study. The study focuses on psilocybin and NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) and their application to treat brain concussions and PTSD. 

The study is a collaborative effort between Lobe Sciences Inc and physicians from the Miller School of Medicine (University of Miami). DR Micheal E. Hoffer takes the lead on the study. He is an accomplished professor of neurological surgery and otolaryngology. 

Unique drug delivery systems 

On 3rd December, Lobe Sciences Inc announced that a San Diego engineering company, Vision Works, completed and tested a proof of concept prototype of Lobe’s nasal mist device. 

This move marks a major milestone for the company as it coincides with its goal to develop unique drug delivery systems while still promoting commercialization.

The nasal mist divide will facilitate the nasal administration of drugs like psilocybin and NAC. The dosage is pre-selected to promote control overdosing for faster, safe, and efficient uptake of psychedelics and other drugs.

The device and the psychedelic drugs target individuals with PTSD, brain injury, and other related conditions. 

Financial news 

Lobe Sciences Inc completed its sale of Cowlitz cannabis to Ionic Brands on 8th March 2021. This major sale provides the brand with a high amount of non-dilutive capital.