Graph Blockchain Inc. (GBLC)

Graph Blockchain Company Information

NameGraph Blockchain Inc.
Sector Financial Services
IndustryShell Companies
Headquarters4711 Yonge Street, 10th floor, 
Toronto, ON, M2N 6K8. Canada

Graph Blockchain Inc is a private company that utilizes a combination of a graph database and blockchain technology to offer corporations and government agencies state-of-the-art blockchain solutions.

Speed and reliability are the two virtues that set it apart from its competitors in providing data management solutions, data analytics, and business intelligence. The graph database facilitates faster computation of data than relational or traditional databases that organize data into a table. 

Graph Blockchain’s technology uses AgensGraph database from Bitnine and Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain technology. These technologies comprise a user interface dashboard and control tower development capabilities.

The brand’s blockchain solution is customizable and private. All transactions conducted on the platform are immutable, recorded, and transparent. Graph Blockchain Inc offers its clients real-time database management and business intelligence. 

In 2018, Graph Blockchain Inc was granted two patents by the Korea Intellectual Property Office. It currently has two pending patents in the United States. 

The company specializes in the following industries:

  • Psychedelics – in 2019, Graph Blockchain Inc joined the psychedelics industry by announcing its intent to purchase Shroom Street Limited. In 2020, it launched BlueStem, a health and wellness company focused on various products, including CBD and psychedelics.  
  • Cannabis Health and Wellness         
  • EV Charging     
  • Global Logistics
  • Food Supply Chain Management

What the company offers 

Competitive advantage 

The integration of the graph database and blockchain technology puts the brand’s clients five years ahead of their competitors. 

Real-time advanced analytics 

Graph Blockchain technology gives users new insights that are not available to anyone using traditional/relational platforms. 

The technology presents a unique and easy way of organizing data. This makes it easy for the platform’s solutions to come up with executable business insights. 

Unmatched speed

The brand’s technology (AgensGraph Engine) promises accelerated translation speed of up to 1,000 times. The brand claims to be 10,000 times faster at retrieving and presenting data to the Blockchain dashboard. 

The excellent and unmatched speed is highly applicable in industries like real estate, banking, SaaS, and Fintech. 

Impeccable data management 

Users are provided with real-time data on dashboards and user interfaces. The team is available to customize solutions for their clients, allowing easy and quick access to data. This way, strategic decisions are achieved promptly.

The user can also filter out data and remain with the essential transactional data and related items.

The Future of Blockchain for Business.

Blockchain brings with it endless opportunities, which can be utilized in the following ways:

  • The technology can be applied as a distributed ledger, supporting government applications like electronic health records, tax audits, digital voting, and digital deeds. 
  • In the healthcare system, blockchain can be used as a health records management system that allows the easy, secure, and dependable access and retrieval of medical information.