Global Trac Solutions (PSYC)

Global Trac Solutions Company Information

NameGlobal Trac Solutions
Sector Healthcare
Headquarters7251 W. Lake Mead Blvd, Suite 300
Las Vegas, NV 89128. USA
Phone(702) 239-1919

Global Trac Solutions (PSYC) is a digital media company that primarily focuses on medicinal psychedelics. It is a rich source for news, resources, exclusive interviews, and original content pertaining to the psychedelic industry. 

‘Psychedelic Spotlight’ is the brand’s flagship digital platform that continually highlights the revolutionary steps that are causing a paradigm shift in how society views and approaches mental health conditions and the unconventional treatments available. 

PSYC stock report and Microdose Monthly are the company’s newsletters that have been essential in placing PSYC as one of the most authoritative news sources for the psychedelic industry. 

Global Trac Solutions’ mission 

In recent years, there has been a substantial change in how society views psychedelics, and this has been reflected in the positive, progressive legislation enacted in support of the compounds. 

PSYC’s mission is to embed itself as an ally to the psychedelic industry by being at the forefront in supporting the development and implementation of innovative solutions that add value and trigger change within the fast-expanding industry. 

Global Trac Solution aims to serve as a reputable media outlet in the psychedelic industry by providing reliable, accurate, fast, and quality information. 

Global Trac Solutions’ transition into psychedelics

Before 2020, PSYC was a financial technology and SaaS company using the ticker symbol ‘GOHE.’ 

After a long and comprehensive reassessment of profitability projects, long-term growth, and their objective of driving shareholder value, the company decided to shift from the Fintech and Saas industres to the promising psychedelic sector. 

The decision was reached after the company identified a significant need for individuals to access factual, timely, and trustworthy information and educational resources. An industry-specific media outlet is highly sought after, especially during the early stages of a sector’s growth. It educates the masses and produces thought-provoking opinion pieces. 

The company changed its ticker symbol to ‘PSYC’ to establish its commitment to becoming an industry leader. Since then, PSYC has successfully launched psychedelic spotlight, microdose monthly, and PSYC stock report as its main digital media platforms. 

Global Trac Solutions’ digital platforms 

Psychedelic Spotlight

Psychedelic Spotlight produces the latest news, education, original content, and information engulfing the psychedelic industry. 

It is written by a professional and knowledgeable team of writers in conjunction with various partners within the world of psychedelics.

The platform also covers exclusive interviews with psychedelic advocates, industry leaders, and experts in the technological and scientific sectors. These interviews help by providing fresh, unique and thought-provoking perspectives on board in regards to psychedelic medicine. 

The PSYC Stock Report 

The report is produced weekly to coincide with the public markets’ close. It features vital information and recent updates of the various psychedelic public companies. It also covers exclusive interviews with top-management executives. 

Microdose Monthly 

The publication covers investing opportunities in the psychedelic industry, lifestyle and entertainment news, and medicinal progress.