Entheon Biomedical (ENBI)

Entheon Biomedical Company Information

NameEntheon Biomedical
Sector Healthcare
Headquarters10th Floor, 595 Howe Street
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2T5. Canada

Entheon Biomedical is a research and development company focused on utilizing the DMT molecule’s therapeutic properties to manage addiction.

It takes on a pioneering role in changing the narrative associated with addiction: instead of considering addiction as untreatable and beyond repair, the brand provides safe and efficient therapies that drastically convert the success rate ratio.

The company is dedicated to following the legal path in the creation of regulated and safe therapies. It also offers education to the public and medical practitioners on how the set and setting of administering psychedelic and following the psychedelic protocols can guarantee optimum results.

DMT, addiction and the brand’s mission 

For years, the available treatments for addiction have borne little success as the menace continues to linger in our society. Entheon biomedical believes that the acceptance of failure is counterproductive and unacceptable. 

The company believes that finding a different and effective approach is guaranteed to solve the burden of addition placed upon drug users, their families, and society. 

Through a DMT-assisted therapeutic protocol, the company seeks to alter the mechanisms that cause an individual to seek and use drugs. Their mission is to provide this protocol as a game-changing resource to help those affected by drug and substance abuse. The therapy will help individuals reclaim their lives. 

How does Entheon Biomedical fulfill its mission?

  1. They work with the perfect molecule, ie. DMT. This compound is endogenous in the human body and produces fewer side effects compared to other hallucinogens. The effects are gradual, less disturbing, and last for a shorter period. 
  2. The top management at Entheon Biomedical understands the pain inflicted by drug and substance addiction. They come with the pure intention of ending the suffering caused by addiction by providing result-producing therapeutic models.
  3. The research and development team works with progressive technologies that facilitate the creation of the proposed delivery system, which involves titrating DMT into the body. This allows the patient to receive low, gradual DMT doses, thus controlling its duration and intensity. The experience can be ended anytime.
  4. The company offers individualized special care to its patients. Their journey is carefully planned, from the pre-preparation to the post-care details.
  5. Entheon Biomedical has formed significant partnerships with industry-specific leaders in Canada and across the globe. Professional ties with research and academic partners have greatly helped authenticate the brand’s research and development process and provide guidance in clinical trials.