Cybin Inc. (CYBN)

Cybin Company Information

NameCybin Inc.
Sector Healthcare
Headquarters5600-100 King St W, 
Toronto, Ontario, M5X 1C9. Canada
Phone(416) 567-4675

Cybin is a life science company dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of psychedelic pharmaceutical drugs for varying mental and neurological conditions. 

The company brings science and business together to revolutionize the mental healthcare system. This is achieved by creating top-of-the-line technologies and novel delivery systems that increase psychedelic drugs’ bioavailability when administered in low doses. Through clinical studies, researchers can confirm the novel delivery system’s safety and efficacy. 


For every four people, one is guaranteed to be affected by some mental or neurological disorders in their lifetime. According to Cybin Inc, this is a serious issue, which needs to be addressed. 

Their mission is to offer patients advanced and highly effective psychedelic therapeutics. They achieve this by maximizing platforms that facilitate drug discovery, coming up with novel drug delivery systems, creating unique and functional formulations, and focusing on individualized treatment regimes for mental illnesses. 

Areas of research and development 

The company takes on a unique and comprehensive approach toward mental illness through the following three ways:

Novel drug discovery platform

Cybin Inc intends to apply selective modification to create new APIs. This is achieved by altering the pharmacokinetics of essential components in tissue engineering of phenethylamine and tryptamine. This, of course, is done without interfering with their therapeutic potential. 

The changes are done by using deuterium atoms to replace selective hydrogens. 

Proprietary drug delivery systems

Through research and development, Cybin Inc formulates proprietary delivery systems that facilitate the drug’s direct path to the brain. By bypassing the liver, the onset is much faster and efficient. 

Like a capsule, the delivery systems are modified to release the drug in small doses to curb the side effects and limit drug exposure. The dose is controlled through a device made by the brand. 

The delivery system is not limited to one type of drug. A majority of psychedelics compounds can be incorporated. 

Innovative treatment regimes 

Cybin Inc combines technology and science by creating a software-based platform that collects and gathers data acquired during clinical psychedelic treatment sessions. 

Utilizing analytic reports produced by machine learning to facilitate better patient treatment and results. 

Development Pipeline

Cybin incorporates kernel flow to monitor brain activity. 

Kernel flow non-invasively looks into the human brain and establishes brain activity patterns in real-time. It does this by recording the cortical hemodynamics of the brain. The brain interface is connected to kernel flow through a USB-C that features:

  1. Over a thousand source-detector pairs
  2. Wavelengths that range between 690 nm and 850nm
  3. A sampling frequency of 200Hz

Cybin intends to use kernel flow to measure and monitor brain activity when administering psychedelic treatment in real-time. This will largely contribute to their mission of developing outstanding, efficient, and breakthrough therapeutics for patients with mental conditions. 

Financial news 

On December 14th, Cybin acquired 100% of Adelia Therapeutics’ shares, boosting the number of scientists and increasing their patent filings to 7. The acquisition adds to Cybin’s novel molecules, intellectual property, and delivery systems.