Core One Labs (COOL)

Core One Labs Company Information

NameCore One Labs
Sector Healthcare
IndustryMedical Instruments & Supplies
Headquarters335-1632 Dickson Ave
Kelowna, BC. Canada V1Y 7T2
Phone+1 (866) 347-5058

Core One Labs is a biotechnological company that utilizes research and development to produce psychedelic medicine. What sets it apart from other brands is the creation of polymer sublingual thin strips, which facilitate a novel delivery system for psychedelics. 

Some of the sublingual thin strips come laced with extra beneficial ingredients like vitamins, peptides, and bioceutical compounds. This new and unique technology offers a safer, healthier, and easier way to administer medicine as well as improved bioavailability and effectiveness. 

The company is also involved in psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and the manufacture of API grade biosynthetic psilocybin.

Cost-effective method of producing psilocybin 

Core One Labs produces psilocybin through bio-synthesis. This means that the psilocybin is created within a living cell; hence it is natural and superior to its synthetic counterpart. 

The process is less expensive, saving the company millions in production cost. No other biotech companies are currently employing the technique, which gives the company the advantage of monopoly. 

Core One Labs’ Mission 

There are over 300 million people diagnosed with different forms of depression. 33% of these people (100million) suffer from major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression. 

Core One Lab’s mission is to find a solution to lower these statistics. They aim to come up with innovative and novel methods of addressing these ignored and insufficiently-treated patients. 

Current Deals/Agreements

The company announced that they have completed the deal to purchase Ketamine Infusions Centers in Texas through their Twitter page. This is a major step for the company, which intends to expand its reach into the United States. 

One of the brand’s subsidiaries, Vocan, has recently signed a deal to license Core One Labs’ technology to facilitate the creation and consequent clinical trials of bio-synthetic psilocybin in South America (Brazil). This deal puts Core One Labs at an advantage, as it can now easily tap into the South American market. 

A novel approach for dealing with mental conditions and addiction 

The company is taking new and unique approaches in dealing with a myriad of conditions. These include:

Proprietary delivery technology– is achieved using Polymer Sublingual Thin strips, which provide a safer, easier, and more effective way of administering psychedelics. 

R&D – the brand research and development milestones are as follows 

  1. The company has acquired a Controlled Drug Licence from Canada Health, which permits the company to use its operational research facility to produce psilocybin. 
  2. Purchase and installation of essential laboratory equipment is complete.
  3. Process of designing and constructing proprietary DNA sequences is finished.
  4. Optimized producer strain is constructed        
  5. Glowing LLP (law firm) currently handling the issue of patent submission 

Medical clinics– incorporating Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy to help patients overcome mental conditions.