Champignon Brands (SHRM)

Champignon Brands Company Information

NameChampignon Brands Inc
SectorConsumer Defensive
IndustryPackaged Foods
Headquarters130 Brew Street, Suite 605
Port Moody, British Columbia V3H 0E3. Canada
Phone(604) 525-9409

Champignon Brands is involved in developing and selling fast-acting and effective psychedelic treatments for conditions like depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, drugs and alcohol use, and addiction disorders. 

Their medicinal mushroom-infused Stock-Keeping Units are vegan-certified, natural, and organic. The brand focuses on utilizing psychedelics to improve mental conditions using mushroom-infused beverages and health supplements for wellness. It is also highly involved in the resale of auralite minerals. 

Champignon retails the following products under its brand ‘Vitality Supertea.’ 

  • Brain enhance supertea
  • Nourish force supertea
  • Mighty recharge supertea
  • Deluxe tea box set

Champignon brands mission 

According to Champignon Brands CEO Dr Roger McIntyre, 75%-80% of patients with mental conditions do not respond sufficiently to the treatments currently available. 

When patients take these medications, they hope to get their normal lives back. This is because conditions like depression, anxiety, PTSD, and related mental disorders can take a toll on an individual’s life. 

The use of psychedelics like ketamine is gradually giving these people their lives back. Champignon conducts ketamine therapy using a private delivery system and private model. This is done under the supervision of professionals in adherence to FDA clinical practices guidelines. 

The company’s mission is to make these treatments available for clinicians around the world. 

Rapid Treatment Center of Excellence

In January 2021, Champignon Brands announced the opening of their third Rapid Treatment Center of Excellence. The other two centres are located in Toronto and Mississauga. 

Their main focus is on treating depression and suicidal tendencies, which have rapidly increased due to the COVID pandemic. 

Unfortunately, most people do not have timely access to sources that could help treat and manage mental conditions, hence the rising suicide rate. These centers are opened to prevent such instances. Individuals can seek help anytime, and they are assured of a fast response and effective, clinically tested treatment. 

The centers provide the best sciences and treatments from Champignon Brands: intravenous Ketamine and Intranasal esketamine. 

Future plans 

In 2021, the brand plans to publish the first-ever global (5 continents included) guideline on implementing ketamine and esketamine treatment in adults with depression.

Champignon is trying to figure out how to expand the treatment to include other conditions like bipolar disease, PTSD, and drug & alcohol misuse. 

Financial news 

Since 2020, Champignon Brands has been under a continuous disclosure review imposed by the British Columbia Securities Commission. Consequently, its SHRM shares are currently under a cease trade order.