Better Plant Sciences Inc. (PLNT)

Better Plant Sciences Company Information

NameBetter Plant Sciences Inc.
IndustryDrug Manufacturers—Specialty & Generic
HeadquartersSuite 200, 1238 Homer Street
Vancouver, British Columbia. V6B 2Y5
Phone604 617-7979

Formerly known as Yield Growth Corp, this is a vertically integrated company that focuses on enhancing its clients’ lives. It does this by acquiring, developing, marketing, and selling technologically-innovative products backed by concrete science.

Better Plants Sciences Inc markets a wide range of functional plant-based products in their quest to provide top-quality therapeutic compounds that enhance the lives of people. 

As the plant-based wellness business awakens, it is unsettling a multi-billion dollar wellness industry. The therapeutic properties of mushrooms and cannabis have been sought since ancient times. Today we combine those techniques with modern science to produce game-changing products in the wellness industry. 

Brands associated with Better Plant Sciences Inc

The brand has created over 500 products to which it has proprietary rights. Out of these, 75 brands are already on sale under the following brand names:

Jusu wellness 

This wellness brand produces high-quality plant-based products like essential oils, cleaning products, baby products, body lotions, hair and face products, etc. 

NeonMind Biosciences 

The brand researches psychedelics therapy and creates mushroom by-products like mushroom-based coffee. The brand is designed to advocate for the health benefits of mushrooms.

Urban juice 

It deals with skin care products designed and made by a professional ayurvedic professional. They use hemp root and hemp seed oil as the main ingredients. 

Wright and Well

The brand is focused on the creation of THC-infused topicals. It is designed for anyone that seeks alternative forms of pursuing wellness. 

Better plants sciences inc mission 

The company continuously works on its portfolio by creating new and unique brands that set them apart from the competition. They seek to either invest or partner with innovative and reputable brands that focus on wellness and patients’ general health using plant-based products. 

Better Plants Sciences Inc has three guiding principles;

  1. Creating better formulas by combining natural products and the latest technology. 
  2. Thinking ahead. They focus on the future and the endless possibilities it presents. With this, they create outstanding products that are applicable now and in future. 
  3. They are conscious of every decision they make. Better Plants Sciences Inc is bent on doing things right- for millions of people and the world. Their products and packaging are environmentally-friendly, and their hiring process is based on experience and knowledge instead of demographics.

Their products are natural and contain no additives, chemicals, or dangerous compounds.

Better Plant Sciences Inc and NeonMind Biosciences  

Better Plant Sciences Inc partially owns NeonMind Biosciences (28.6%). The subsidiary performs the following functions: 

  1. Conducting research that will ultimately lead to the invention of a psilocybin-based weight loss product. The project is in its pre-clinical trials stage. 
  2. Develop mushroom-based coffee using Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, Reishi, and Lion’s mane. The coffee provides users with optimum health.