first-ever clinical trial combining MDMA and LSD

On 20th January, MindMed, a premier psychedelic & biotech company, announced the start of the first-ever clinical trial that will measure and evaluate the combination of MDMA and LSD in humans. The trial will take place at the University Hospital Basel Liechti Lab, which is located in Basel Switzerland. 

Multiple reports have shown that administering MDMA in combination with LSD increases positive and subjective drug effects such as positive mood and empathy. Besides the combination reduces negative side effects which are sometimes linked to LSD. Generally, combining MDMA and LSD will give rise to a more positive experience. 

MindMed is going about a phase 1 clinical trial, which will evaluate if a balanced MDMA combined with LSD can help neutralize some of the unpleasant effects that LSD can cause in therapy and clinical settings. MindMed’s greatest interest is to understand the most effective way to combine MDMA and LSD cohesively, which will boost patients’ outcomes and help develop better psychedelic-assisted therapies. This study falls in line with MindMend’s quest to expand its R&D and drug development pipeline. It is projected to take one whole year before completion.

A phase 1 double-blind, 4-period crossover design study, which is placebo based, began in January. This study will assess the subjective and autonomic effects and aims to figure out the qualitative emotional contrast between experiencing a combined MDMA & LSD vs. a placebo.

In other phase 1 clinical trials, LSD has shown the ability to acutely affect the stimulation of the serotonin 5-HT2A receptor. This effect often causes neuroplasticity and ego dissolution. Besides, LSD properties are reported to have therapeutic effects on patients enduring mental disorders. Nevertheless, some unpleasant effects, due to LSD, occur in some instances of therapy which causes distress to the subject via acute anxiety.

If the phase 1 trial results are promising, MindMed seeks to endeavor in working with top clinicians in undertaking studies on patients who take treatments that combine MDMA and LSD for several latent indications and mental disorders. 

MindMed is at the helm of capitalizing on research advancements that arise from innovative studies like this particular one. Recently its capital rise resulted in a total of 237.2 million Canadian dollars (US $183.8 million) raised. Also, they most importantly added Robert Barrow as their Chief Development Officer.

About MindMed.

MindMed, a psychedelic medicine biotech company, comes up with, develops, and establishes psychedelics-assisted medicines and therapies for addiction and mental illness cases. Currently, the company is putting together a drug development pipeline of creative treatments that are based on psychedelic substances such as LSD, MMDA, Psilocybin, DMT, and 18-MC, an Ibogaine derivative. 

MindMed’s executive team brings great experience to its innovative approach to creating psychedelics-assisted medicine and therapies for the future generation. The company trades under the symbol MMED on the Canadian Exchange NEO. It also trades in the US as MMEDF and in Germany as MMQ.

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