Psychedelic Investment Index Up 2.23% In December

The Psychedelic Investment Index is an online tool that tracks the “entire public sector of the psychedelic market, ”representing over forty companies and their market trends at the time of writing. (1) Through its interactive chart it’s easy to see the rapid rise in interest in psychedelics that happened in November. Stocks collectively gained 54.66% in market value that month. In December, however, the index finished with only a 2.23% gain.

Numbers may be misleading, however. The relevant factor is the increase in trade volume. The higher the trade average, the more interest there is in the sector. December marks an increase of 1,993.55% in trades, from an average trade volume of 47.47M in November to 993.8M by the end of December. On December 13th, trades reached their monthly peak at 3.64B shares.

While the overall market seems to have slowed down, some individual companies report triple-digit gains. Below are the highest performing stocks in December:

  1. Ehave (EHVVF): +300%
  2. Empower Clinics (CBDT): +250%
  3. Red Light Holland (TRIP): +158.33%
  4. EGF Theramed Health (TMED): +142.86%
  5. Better Plant Sciences (PLNT): +128.57%

And here’s how the top ten biggest companies in the sector performed:

  1. Compass Pathways (CMPS): -1.69%
  2. MindMed (MMED): +76.36%
  3. Champignon Brands (SHRM): 0.00%**
  4. Numinus Wellness (NUMI): +48.61%
  5. Field Trip Health (FTRP): -15.56%
  6. Revive Therapeutics (RVV): +121.43%
  7. Seelos Therapeutics (SEEL): +61.22%
  8. Red Light Holland Corp (TRIP): +158.33%
  9. Mydecine Innovations (MYCO): +34.38%
  10. HAVN Life Sciences (HAVN): +19.51%

**The 3rd largest stock by market cap, Champignon Brands (SHRM), has been halted since June of 2020.

  1. The worst performing trends are as follows:
  2. Thoughtful Brands (PEMTF): -33.33%
  3. Nova Mentis Life Sciences (NOVA): -21.43%
  4. Field Trip Health Ltd. (FTRP): -15.56%
  5. Compass Pathways (CMPS): -1.69%
  6. Core One Labs (COOL): 0.00%

Psychedelic Investment is implementing minimum requirements to be included in the Index in order to better reflect the overall trends. As of this writing, this is the full list of companies represented by the Psychedelic Investment Index:

CBDT:CNX  Empower Clinics Inc 
FTRP:CNX  Field Trip Health Ltd
NUMI:CA Numinus Wellness Inc
SEEL Seelos Therapeutics Inc
SHRM:CNX Champignon Brands Inc – Ordinary Shares
TRIP:CNXRed Light Holland Corp – Common Shares
MYCO:CNXMydecine Innovations Group Inc. 
MINEMinerco Inc 
BETR:CNXBetterLife Pharma Inc
HOLL:CNX Hollister Biosciences Inc – Common Shares 
RVV:CNXRevive Therapeutics Ltd – Ordinary Shares
MSET:CNXMindset Pharma Inc
HAVN:CNXHAVN Life Sciences Inc
NM:CNXNovamind Inc
GBLC:CNXGraph Blockchain Inc – Ordinary Shares 
TRYP:CNXTryp Therapeutics Inc
MCUR:CNXMind Cure Health Inc
BUZZ:CNXPharmadrug Inc
PSYCFPsyched Wellness Ltd
ENBI:CNX Entheon Biomedical Corp
PWR:CNXCaptiva Verde Land Corp – Ordinary Shares 
WUHNM2Bio Sciences Inc
NEON:CNXNeonMind Biosciences Inc
LOBE:CNXLobe Sciences Ltd
EAT:CNXNutritional High International Inc 
PHRM:CNXNewscope Capital Corporation
PLNT:CNXBetter Plant Sciences Inc
BKLLFCodebase Ventures Inc
NOVA:CNXNova Mentis Life Science 
COOL:CNXCore One Labs Inc
PEMTFThoughtful Brands Inc
AION:CNXAion Therapeutic Inc
SPOR:CNXNew Wave Holdings
LITT:CARoadman Investments Corp
EHVVFEhave Inc 
EVAHFEGF Theramed Health Corp 
PSYCGlobal Trac Solutions Inc


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